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Our Polish Copper (PC) finish has a high quality lacquer in order to preserve the brightness of the finish. It is easy to maintain, for basic cleaning, use mild soap and warm water. Abrasives and/or cleaning chemicals should never be used as they may affect the finish. We can also make this finish with out lacquer but will have more tendency to marks and stains such as fingerprints. Polished Copper with out lacquer will begin to patina as it reacts with its environment. When the copper begins to patina we recommend Wright’s Copper Cream to polish it, and a good copper wax such as Renaissance Micro-Crystalline Wax or Flitz Faucet Wax+ to maintain its original shine and luster.

Our PC finish is generally hammered buy we can also make it with a smooth finish. Polished Copper finish as also known as Shiny Copper or Glossy Copper..

We can make any of our sinks in this Polished Copper finish. Call for more information and/or check our Made to Order Finishes Section.

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Corner Vanity Wall Mounted with integrated 10" Round Sink and 3" Apron in Polished Copper - Left Wall =13", Right Wall = 20" - VS044PC
  • $995.00
  • $695.00