Our Gauges

Copper thickness is measured in Gauge numbers. The lower the gauge number the thicker the sink.  We offer three (3) Gauges # 14,16 and 18. These gauge measurements are based on the thickness of the laminate of copper prior to hammering.
  • Gauge 14 or 64 oz copper - All of our VESSEL sinks are made out of Gauge 14 (Except our Buckets that are Gauge 16)
  • Gauge 16  or 48 oz copper - All large UNDER MOUNT and RAISED PROFILE Bathroom sinks, Kitchen and Bar sinks are made out of Gauge 16
  • Gauge 18  or 32 oz copper - All standard size UNDER MOUNT Bathroom sinks  are made out of Gauge 18

Even though thickness is important, equally important for the strength and robustness of our sinks are the hammering and heat treat operations applied in the manufacturing process.